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S.P. & N.P.
October 2017

We are S. and N.P., and we have three children. J. is three years old, E.K. is one year old, and L. is a newborn. Our experience with chiropractic care began in February 2013. At the time, we were seeing a Gonstead chiropractor in Pineville. We didn't begin going to a chiropractor because of back pain. After hearing the doctor share how a properly functioning spine leads to a strong nervous system, which results in optimal health, we started going to see him. When our first child was born in November 2014, we trusted the doctor to give him his first adjustments when he was three days old because we had experienced many benefits from the care we received. Our doctor passed away the day after E.K. was born in June 2016. We began looking for another chiropractor who practiced the Gonstead method, and we had a friend who came to Dr. Frisch. E.K. was just a few days old when Dr. Frisch met with us to discuss his philosophy on health care, specifically regarding the benefits of chiropractic care. Shortly after, we started coming to Frisch Family Chiropractic, and J. and E.K. received adjustments once a month. L. was born in October 2017, and Dr. Frisch adjusted him for the first time when he was four days old. We completely trust Dr. Frisch with the health and well-being of our children. We have witnessed chiropractic care boost our children's immune systems. Our kids rarely get sick, and when they have been sick, their bodies fight infections quickly and efficiently. We've never had to give them any medicine. If they start feeling bad, we schedule an appointment with Dr. Frisch, and their bodies are strengthened to fight infections without having to use medicine. Other ways we have seen chiropractic care support our children are by providing relief when they are teething, aiding them with sleeping well, and helping them establish and maintain healthy digestive tracts. Dr. Frisch provides exceptional care for us physically, but he also takes an interest in our lives and is genuine and generous. We see chiropractic care as a preventative and proactive step to ensure good health and a good quality of life. The health of our whole family continues to thrive as Dr. Frisch provides excellent care to all of us.

December 2015

I first approached Frisch Family Chiropractic with multiple ailments; the most chronic included a suspected pinched nerve in the left shoulder quadrant and a persistent pain in my right lower back area. Secondary maladies included constant headaches and left arm numbness/tingling. After the initial examination I was placed on a weekly adjustment schedule. Probably after the third to fourth week I noticed some improvement especially to the most bothersome area…my right lower back. This pain was a daily occurrence as I would swing out of bed each morning. By the circa six-to-eight-week timeframe the pain in my right lower back had almost subsided completely and presently, I do not feel any pain as I get out of bed. My headaches have almost completely disappeared. My pinched nerve pain has been drastically reduced. 

Currently I am on a bi-monthly treatment regimen and will soon go to a “preventative maintenance” schedule of once a month. I cannot say enough about the care and treatment I have received from Dr. Frisch. And, of course we cannot forget Allison whose positive energy and demeanor always start the visit off right.

December 2015

Dear Everyone!

Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story!

I came to Dr. Frisch for help with my back and neck tension. He seemed to instinctively seek me out and know what to do on our first visit. No one gets through this life by themselves and no one leaves by themselves if they choose not to, and Dr. Frisch helped me realize that in myself. I hope anyone who feels any problems that arise in their lives, that might be too difficult for them to handle on their own, will feel comfortable and inspired to seek out Dr. Frisch and see how the world of chiropractic care under his auspices might help them. When I returned to the world of playing violin (my major complaint was muscle overuse from unbalanced violin practicing) there was a complete difference in how I felt and the magic of the sound that came out of the instrument. I feel great and so much better. I thank Dr. Frisch and his office for everything.

May 2015

When I first came to Frisch Family Chiropractic I’d been having severe migraines every day and bad lower back pain. Within a few weeks my headaches started to decrease, and I noticed I had more energy. My depression even decreased. My lower back pain stopped almost completely, so now I’m able to enjoy my hobbies, like working out and playing rugby even more. My experience at Frisch Family Chiropractic has been amazing and it was truly a blessing to come in contact with everyone in the office.

October 2015

In 2013, I was at a very low point with back pain and muscle spasms. I knew the situation was going to require back surgery. In fact, I had already called a surgeon for an appointment. 

Although I was already seeing a chiropractor my good friend highly recommended that I see Dr. Frisch. I did just that and after just four visits I knew I could cancel the appointment with the surgeon. The treatment plan established by Dr. Frisch took care of the pain in my back and within a few months adjustments were needed only monthly to ensure that three regions in my back continued to stabilize.

I had knee replacement surgery in April of  2015 and the post surgery therapy required that I have a few extra adjustments mainly for my lower back. Dr. Frisch has taken care of all my issues.

It has been a pleasure working with both Dr. Frisch and Allison. I do a lot of volunteer work and sometimes do things that perhaps should be left for additional assistance. When I do this and have resultant pain, Allison always answers my call and works me in for a visit with Dr. Frisch the same day.  

I highly recommend Frisch Family Chiropractic to all who have joint or muscle pain anywhere in their body. This treatment is so much better than having surgery!  

When I first came to Dr. Frisch I was having trouble breathing. I thought something was wrong with my lungs. Then after three treatments I noticed a big difference; I could breathe normally again. Chiropractic really works. Dr. Frisch is the best!

August 2015

november 2015

I came to Dr. Frisch for help with my thyroid disease. I felt very welcomed in the office from day one. I felt Dr. Frisch was very concerned about my health and determined to help me. He is very knowledgeable and explains in detail the steps to bring me back to 100%. This really made me feel optimistic about feeling how I felt before I was diagnosed five years ago. I am so happy that I found Dr. Frisch and am under his care because this is the best I have felt in five months. He always listens to any new concerns or symptoms I have, and always tries to find a way to help. Unlike all the other doctors I have seen, he always provides me with an answer or suggestion to my problems. He always provides his honest opinion and reasoning to any questions or concerns I have. Beyond the adjustments Dr. Frisch and Allison are truly caring people. They are always asking how things are going and truly listen. They remember visit to visit and always ask for updates on events in my life. I enjoy going in for my adjustments because of the benefits and friendly atmosphere. I always leave in a great mood!

october 2015

From 1970 to 2009 I was a truck driver. I suffered back and leg pain because of the long periods of driving. I had gone to another chiropractor but did not receive the results I was looking for. I started coming to see Dr. Frisch to find relief from severe headache pain. I had headaches on a regular basis and being adjusted by Dr. Frisch has helped tremendously. I have been seeing Dr. Frisch now for about a year. I sleep better, my legs don’t hurt as badly and I feel better overall.

September 2015

I have found great relief from neck pain and very limited motion. Dr. Frisch’s care has helped me sleep better at night, now that the neck pain and shoulder pain are greatly reduced. I have also had lower back pain due to an injury over 20 years ago. His adjustments to my lower back (lumbar area) have caused me more mobility and less to no discomfort in my activities. I have recommended Dr. Frisch to several friends.